Make Blog 1 Niche Or Many Niche?

In general, people who learn SEO have commercial ambitions to earn money from his website. Not infrequently, many people are not able to measure their own abilities and take the portion that can not be doing. As a result, many bloggers are just a waste of time because they do not see any of the results of blogging.

I remembered a friend of mine who is very big ambition would make news portal website, which is where the contents of the Web site contains a variety of information. Her goal is to become a website crawler tremendous traffic to monetize. There are about 30 categories were made ​​at the portal of the news, and each category is a different niche. Where is the mistake my friend? He does not realize that the news portal of it is teamwork, and not half-hearted, his team can get hundreds of people. While my friend is willing to start it alone. He did not know if it makes 30 different niche that would be making 30 different websites, although shelter under one domain. 
Make Blog 1 Niche

Why is tantamount to making 30 different websites? Because Google calculate the significance of the keywords in the website, so if the website 1st place there in 2000 repeating keywords on all pages, then we must also exceed it, in other words, if in the pages of our last 20 repetitions of keywords, then we must make 100 articles containing the key word in every nichenya ..... If you had 30 niche means should make 3000 article .... then we can expect to see traffic explode. Is my friend powerfully create articles? Certainly not. And that's what I mean by taking portions without measuring the ability of its own. If you are a beginner blogger, this is my advice if you want to quickly see the traffic. Start your website with just one niche first, and diligent post and seeks backlinks on the website. In six months or a year you are going to create a website has become very popular. Later on if you already have a name, you can try to open two new niche within the same domain or individual using a sub domain. Starting from niches that this new will be much easier for the domain you already have a domain authority, and you've got a reputation and a regular visitor.So on the website of the niche evolved into many niche Most bloggers are great at this time developed from a website one niche, and not greedily want to reap all of them but they are not able to carry out the process.Below is advice from Matt Cutts, a division chief anti webspam at Google ....

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