HOW TO CHOOSE KEYWORDS (KEYWORD) RIGHT - Do not look down upon this issue. It is the lifeblood of traffic on your blog. One chose a keyword, then your SEO optimization will be very heavy. So please read the articles tricks SEO easy this time carefully.

Okay, let's discuss how we conduct keyword research of the most good for optimized. First of all you should be acquainted with the Google External Keyword Tool. So let us visit their website ....

The above link is a tool provided by Google to see the number of searches for a particular keyword. Once you get into those links do the following things:
  1. Look for the "Word or Phrase" and enter the keywords you want to see the variations. For example "Online Business"
  2. Enter the captcha verification available, and
  3. Press the SEARCH button.
  4. This site will provide many options related keywords keywords you input. The problem is, you will choose which keywords?

Important Factors in Choosing Keywords

  • Pay attention to the balance of the value of competition and the number of monthly searches. Try to choose keywords that competition is not very high, but much sought after .
  • We recommend that if your blog is new, focus to multiply the length of keyword variations (5 words or more). This is important, because you can run out of breath when trying to master 2 word keywords like "blog tutorial ". Keywords shorter and much sought after, has become a reputable blog rations and to have authority.
  • Blog reputable usually old and authoritative blog is a blog that has tremendous amount of backlinks in a way that assessed natural by search engine robots. (Try reading the article the influence of age on the blog Google rankings )
Still confused? Learn Example The case in Articles Keyword Research .So first SEO tricks easy to select these keywords. Thanks for dropping by in the article ...

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