Is the age of blogs have effect on Google rankings ? Actually not a matter of age, but the reputation of blogs that affect the ranking. Blog-old is not a competitor if a bad reputation. But if the blog is very good reputation, then of course it could be unusually strong rival.

Then the blog-old reputation it can from where? Actually there is a lot of the benchmark, but two of the most striking is a routine update, and of course backlinknya. A blog that is regularly updated, and got a lot of backlinks, of course, will be the main priority of the search engines.
Privileged blogs that already has a reputation can be seen from the keyword command. Short keywords are very expensive in general controlled reputable blog. Then how about a new blog by a young age can compete with the old blog? There's only one way, namely to optimize long keyword /Long tail keywords . Never force the keywords short, because you will be half dead made.

For example, if you have a blog to sell electrical pulses do not try optimization word "electrical pulses". It is better if you optimize the word "Sell Pulsa Elektrik All Operator" or "Sell Electric Toll Cheapest Price" or "How do I become a distributor of electrical pulses". So instead of hectic short keyword optimization, it is helpful if you make a lot of articles with variations of said electrical pulses earlier.

And what about the SEO contest ? Is there not a long key word? Hehehe ... so right key words long, but its competitors are the masters who launched the flagship blog. Blog mainstay that has been reinforced with so many backlinks obtained in various ways. There's actually got a backlink to spread template blog , comment in forums, comment on blogs DoFollow, kometar in the shoutbox, comments on dynamic pages, link exchange, post on social sites bookmarks, and many more. It was like a small child entered the tournament martial filled the master .... ready to be amazed to see the master can get tens of thousands of backlinks overnight. Despite the occasional optimization onpage who do not maximum, but with the support of so many backlinks, then the authority blog the irresistible Google. To learn how to get backlinks please read the article How to Get Backlink . Ok, So first article discusses the effect of age on the blog ranking in Google. Thanks already stopped reading this article.

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