Blogging Effectively With SEO in Mind

If you are not an experienced blogger at this point, you may not be aware that effective, successful blogging is about more than good-quality writing. There is definitely more to the formula for success and if you focus on that formula, you will see positive results from your efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of that formula.

Blogging Effectively

The formula for successful blogging

The truth of the matter is that there are many good writers in the world. If all it took were to be a good writer, your competition would be ridiculous. However, there are several different things that go into blogging successfully. Another important element is search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your content for the search engines is so important because, if you do it right, it will cause you to rank high on the search engine page and people will find you easily.
There are several different elements that you should keep in mind as you are optimizing your content.

    • Decide whether you are going to choose long or short keywords or key phrases: There are certain factors that should go into your decisions about keywords or key phrases. The first element is the level of competition that you have with your choice of keywords or key phrases. If you choose a keyword or key phrase that a lot of other people are using, it will be harder for people who are searching to find you and your business/brand. If you use keywords and key phrases that are more focused and more unusual, you have a better chance of being found easily. Of course, you will want to pay attention to the evergreen aspect of your keywords and key phrases as well. It is also a good idea to use your keywords and/or key phrases a few times (but not too many times) so that they show up in searches more easily. Overusing keywords and key phrases are not a good idea. Your rule of thumb should be to use them where they seem natural. They shouldn't seem forced. Your main goal is to contribute value to your readers/target audience members. If you have any question about where you should place your keywords and key phrases, you should put them in your blog title, teaser paragraph, subheads (whenever possible and relevant), blog URL, and meta-tag.

    • Ensure that your blog's images are optimized: Images are important contributors to your blog's success. That means that they must also be optimized. Your images, if done properly, will be recognized and elevated by the search engines. In order to optimize your images, you should give your images appropriate titles (including a keyword or key phrase). As is the case with the words that you choose to use, you should also be careful not to overuse keywords and key phrases with your images. You should try to limit them to what feels natural. Never force it.

    • Ensure that your blog is clear and easy to read: Considering that people nowadays have very little time and very little patience, you should write blogs that are easy for them to read or to scan. You want them to get enough of an idea about what you are communicating as a result of a quick glimpse. The fact is that the easier you make it for your readers to absorb your content quickly, the better your results will be and the better your chances will be of success. Some tips that may prove useful for you are effective use of hashtags, bulleted lists, short paragraphs, quotes (in moderation), and bold and italics (remember not to use them too much).

  • Use backlinks effectively: Backlinks are very important for you. You need to make sure that your links are functioning. Broken links frustrate your readers and they damage your business' reputation. You need to keep in mind that you have control over the links that you choose to use. That means that there is no excuse for their not working properly. If people are interested in what you are saying, they will click on the links that you provide. It is really that simple.


SEO is an extremely important contributor to your business' success. Discounting its importance will not help your efforts or your success in any way. You need to embrace the idea that SEO is here to stay and you need to recognize its importance. If you are not comfortable with SEO, you need to learn more about it. It is not tremendously difficult to learn how to optimize your content but doing it will make a tremendous difference to your business. Another thing that you should consider is optimizing your content for mobile devices. With the vast amount of people who view content on their mobile devices nowadays, it is a very intelligent thing to do.
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Google Penguin Algorithm Update: Guide to avoid penalties

Every SEO is aware of what Google algorithm is, how it works and how it will affect the performance of a website in SERPs and rankings. Obviously, the main goal of Google and any other search engines is to provide relevant information to each searcher that would use their websites. Also, to provide a good user experience to searchers in terms of:
  • Faster way of providing results
  • Useful and reliable information based on keywords used
In the past few years, Google has been very successful in this goal which is why they are known as the best search engine in the web. In order to attain their goals and prevent spammers to manipulate their SERPs, Google launched their algorithms known as:
  •  Google Panda
  • Google Penguin
  • Exact Match Domain (EMD)
  • Venice etc.

But there is one algorithm that has become very remarkable when identifying websites that violate Google guidelines. It is known as penguin.

The penguin algorithm was designed to target and penalize websites that are practicing unethical SEO approach on and off page of the website such as:
  •  Keyword stuffing
  • Low quality content
  • Over optimized keyword
  • Unnatural linking practice

The effectiveness of this algorithm definitely had shaken and changed the world of SEO upside down. So a lot of SEOs are keeping their distance to unethical SEO approach that may damage and hurt their website performance in SERPs. But how websites can really avoid being hit by this algorithm?

Google updates their algorithm once in a while and the recent update is the penguin update which is now Penguin 2.0Matt'sstatement said that this update will affect 23% of English queries so this is definitely will affect many websites.

Google penguin update

To avoid being hit by the update there are some strategies that can be applied on many websites (which discusses below) to keep its level of performance in SERPs on fire.

Don’t use exact match anchor text - Exact match anchor txt is definitely dangerous in SEO nowadays. The best way to use anchor txt to a website/webpage is to diversity your anchor txt. It is safer to use different words with the same meaning to avoid manipulation of rankings for your targeted keywords. Also, the possibility of a website to naturally appear on another website is definitely higher as the keyword will be used as the anchor txt is not purposely added.

Provide quality content - The best way to learn something new is by reading fresh information about the topics we are interested in. Google is always pushing forward their mission to give only quality content. This is also the best way to avoid being hit by the penguin update by consistently providing informative content; it will benefit the website in the long run. Content is the key to success in internet marketing and once you make your content become your asset, it is going to be easy for your website to outrank its competitors and stay on top of your chosen industry.

Focus on branding - Focusing on a specific topic in your industry will help you generate your success in the future. It is also the best way to attract more visitors and online trust of your target audience. If your website is about football, then it is strongly safer to focus on giving information about football. Don’t attempt to broaden the topic what your website is about. Prove your knowledge and expertise in the topic/niche you are focusing on by giving away useful information to your audience and in the long run, your website will benefit from it.

Naturally link our pages links in-content - This is a combination of branding and keyworded anchor txt. Don't attempt to write content about history of basketball with a link of your football website under your targeted keyword as the anchor txt. It is safer to maintain the relevancy of the content that you will use to link your website. The consequences of irrelevant linking in SEO are definitely troublesome as your website may lose its ranking, lose huge amount of in organic search and worst, you may lose your trust of Google by having your website deindexed from their database.


Google is aiming for good quality content websites to reward good quality authors that are consistently providing the needs of each searcher that will use their search engines. There is nothing to be scared about if your website will be hit or not if you are following the webmaster rules and guidelines carefully.

Google Page Rank Update: What to expect?

There have been a lot of blogs written about the upcoming PageRank update of Google. Everyone is also waiting for the results of their marketing efforts to benefit their websites in terms of ranking factor. It is also the best way to determine how authoritative a website is in its industry. However, not all websites will benefit from PageRank update and not everyone should expect good results.

There are some factors that we should consider doing and focus on if we would like to increase the page rank of our website. But this does not guarantee you that it will give you the best results right away. This will only guarantee you that it will be very useful for you, your business and your websites in the long run. But before we jump into the techniques, let’s first discuss what benefits that we might get from having higher page rank.

google page rank

What to expect in May 2013 Google Page Rank Update?
  • Increases of Attraction – One of the great benefits that our website can get from having a good rank on Google is it will get more attention of other people. Believe me on this, it’s definitely correct. People are sometimes bias; they click on the websites with higher PR and when they do search for resources, some of them will go directly on websites with a decent page rank as they know and believe that websites with higher page rank is more resourceful than the lower ones.
  • Increases of Reputation – Once your website reaches a PR 5 or more, it will definitely build reputation to your website. People will often come back to check your website for good information and expect of tons of visitors that may come to your website from different platforms such as; social media, referrals, direct and organic.
  • Good Website Impression – This would also increase your CTR whenever your website appears in SERPs with the keyword provided related to your website. Most probably, your website will be listed in the first page of Google since you are recognized by Google as a good source of information within your niche.

So those are just a quick description of how your website will benefit from the PR update. There are some ways that you should practice to keep the flow of juices coming in to your website to help you increase the chances of getting higher PR.

Ways to increase your Page Rank
  • Guest Post – Contributing content for another website is actually a good idea. It is a new type of knowledge contribution on a website in a form of writing. It is also the best way of acquiring new visitors to a website in terms of referral. If you are able to guest post on a website with high domain authority, page rank and higher volume of visitors per month, definitely, your website will benefit from that website.
  • Frequently Update your website with quality content – Having your website updated through posts is a good idea. It is also the best way to pass juices of high quality links you acquired
  • Avoid Do-Followed on external sites – Well, it is obvious that if you have external links on your website and if they are do-followed, certainly, your website will pass juices on another website which you won’t benefit anything from or whatsoever.
  • Avoid Too much Web Advertisements – Your website will not look professional and interesting if your display many ads in footer, banner, and sidebar ads. Even in ads in the middle of content. It is something that over advertisements displayed which is something that Google does not like and it in Google’s point of view; this is considered as a type of link selling.
  • Limit guest posts on your blog – Having guest posts content on a website is an opportunity that will benefit both parties. However, if the content on your website are mostly from your guest contributors and your very own content is outnumbered by the guest posts, the flow of juices on your website is definitely will be distributed on other websites as well.

If you value the juices coming in to your website, then let’s not give it away with the websites linked to your websites freely. It is something that should work hard for in a form of content contribution in a limited way and in a quality way.

Guest Blogging: Do you think it is risk-free?

SEO industry was shaken several times by Google algorithms and this had caused many SEOs to change their link building strategies to cope up in this huge change in SEO. There are many strategies that were developed and analyzed carefully by SEO experts as alternative to the old fashioned link building tactics that we used to practice before Google rolled out their deadly solution to prevent spamming and unnatural linking activities such as:
  •  Manipulative Article Directory Submissions (thin, spun and low quality content)
  • Massive Social Bookmarking (spam)
  • Unethical Web Directory Submissions (keyword over optimization, keyword as anchor text)
  • Spam Blog Commenting (low relevancy)
Guest Blogging

SEO industry was shaken several times by Google algorithms and this had caused many SEOs to change their link building strategies to cope up in this huge change in SEO. There are many strategies that were developed and analyzed carefully by SEO experts as alternative to the old fashioned link building tactics that we used to practice before Google rolled out their deadly solution to prevent spamming and unnatural linking activities such as:
  •  Manipulative Article Directory Submissions (thin, spun and low quality content)
  • Massive Social Bookmarking (spam)
  • Unethical Web Directory Submissions (keyword over optimization, keyword as anchor text)
  • Spam Blog Commenting (low relevancy)
Some scary facts about guest blogging:

You might disagree with me on this but guest blogging may become the reason why your website will be affected by the next Penguin update. We are all aware that penguin was designed to target link manipulated techniques and Google can easily identify if you are manipulating your links through guest blogging.

Here’s how:

Author Bio – This is a section where we briefly introduce something about ourselves, profession and business. Typically, we include links in the bio to drive visitors to our website in a form of anchor txt. Unfortunately, most people use their target keyword in the author’s box and they overuse the same author’s bio with the same target. Although, it is natural to have them same author bio description, it is unethical to keep having a link in the bio that pointing to your website.

Massive Guest posting – Guest blogging is becoming the new way of article directories but the difference is blog sites have regular readers, active social media attention. If you guest posted on twenty different related websites within your niche, all are highly recognized websites and all have the same author’s bio description with a single anchor text, it may look like  manipulative.

It is guaranteed that we will benefit from disturbing content to other websites but we should not overtake advantage of its benefits and only participate if necessary. Content contribution is the best way to introduce ourselves to blogs with established communities and increase our exposure but keep in mind that when linking our website in the post, it should come in a natural way. 

Link Acquisition: What You Need to Know?

Link building used to be the main factor in SEO; the more links you build, the more chances your SERP will increase and the higher quality links you obtain, the more competitive your link building will be. But due to the unnatural linking and violation to search engine guidelines of many SEOs, Google launched their spam algorithms to filter the websites that are good ones and show up in SERP to give useful information to searchers.

As a result of Google's action, the world of SEO as we know it is dead or no longer effective. SEO has also become more complicated when the common types of link acquisition has been devalued by Google. Here are the common types of low quality links that we can easily get through the following:

Link Acquisition
·         Web Directories Submission - This was abused by using exhaustive keywords and by using deep pages of a website to be submitted to web directories.

·         Article Marketing - This was abused by using low quality and thin content. Article marketing was purposely used to manipulate links by unnaturally using a targeted keyword as an anchor txt.

·         Social Bookmarking - This was abused by using pligg sites. Social bookmarking is still effective but on high quality ones only such as digg, delicious and diigo and if your bookmark goes viral.

In the modern SEO, there are some important factors that you must know before you build links on a website. This will help you obtain high quality and relevant links that your website will benefit from in the long run and these are:

Domain authority – Page Rank is not that only factor that we should look at when linking our website to others. Domain authority is what we should also look at as this will benefit and give our website a strong link value which can also make our website stand out within our industry. Domain authority is rank from 0-100 and the ideal domain author is 70 up to 100. You can use Google chrome extensions to use free SEO tools such as Moz-Rank to help you know what the DA of a website is.

Update frequency - Also, a consistent website update through blog section update of a website determines how often a website is being visited and crawled by spiders. If the website you are planning to link to was last updated in 2011, this could trigger Google to doubt your link building performance as it is considered as unnatural linking in my point of view. Update frequency should be at least 4 times in a month or one blog post update in a week. This should be enough to consider a website as active, properly maintained in a regular basis.

Social media signals - After the roll out of Google algorithms, the value of social signals have become more important. If you are thinking of linking to a website with higher rate of social shares, it is a good idea as this would give you more exposure in other communities within you niche especially if you contributed a content with a link to your site.

Link building for the sake of increasing website links popularity and SEO strategies are not enough. Numbers of links don’t matter in Google’s eye but high qualities are. Therefore, you should be very careful when linking your site to others as this could negatively affect your website. 

3 Alternatives to Google Maps in Pakistan

Google Maps is one of the most popular maps and navigation services available worldwide. It is one of the most widely used apps on mobile with over 1 billion downloads.

However, there are tons of other map applications on the Play Store and Google Maps might not suit everyone’s needs.

If you want to escape Google’s clutches or are looking for something different and unique, we have compiled this list with the best alternatives to Google Maps that you can use:

1. Waze

Waze is a community-driven traffic and navigation app. It provides you with real-time traffic updates and road conditions.

All the data is reported through the user’s phone. It also reports on police traps, weather conditions, accidents, blocked roads etc.

google map

In Pakistan however, navigation is available but the community reports such as those mentioned above aren’t available because of the lack of Waze users locally.

Waze was acquired by Google back in 2013 but the actual service is still available separately. It is definitely not as feature rich as Google Maps but the community experience definitely makes it worthwhile. Try it out if you’re in the mood for something different.

2. HERE WeGo

You might have heard of HERE Maps. HERE Maps used to come bundled with Nokia phones but were the only source of navigation on them.

Since then, they have been ported over Android and have remained as one of the popular map and navigation apps.

Recently, its name was changed to HERE WeGO. HERE maps provides a clean and easy to use interface. You have POIs, satellite view and navigation.

It is definitely not as feature rich as Google Maps but the maps are updated on a regular basis and new places are added too. You can also save places for quick directions later such as your home or your work place.

3. Sygic

Sygic offers one of the best maps in Pakistan. At the time of signing up, you get an option for whether you want to use Sygic without a membership or buy one.

You get a 7-day trial at the beginning, which expires after a preset time if you don’t buy the full version.

It detects your country automatically and starts downloading maps for it. This gives you the benefit of offline navigation, a feature not found in most other map apps.

The downloaded maps are kept up-to-date. In addition to maps, Sygic also packs a DashCam, HUD and a Travel Book (your travel log).

Sygic offers all of the essential features and more and is definitely a complete package and is worth checking out.

So there you have it folks. What are you using for navigating the Pakistani streets, roads and alleyways? Do you have some other Google Maps alternatives for your location needs? Let us and our readers know more in the comments below.