How do I start a blog correctly ? Is not this a very frequent question we hear? Very many people start blogs in the wrong way and in the end did not get the desired results. Ranked SERP ( Search Engine Result Pages ) they are in Google is not doing well at all. Why is that?
Knowing how to create a blog that cool is a small matter, because only in 1-2 months studying just this kind of knowledge can be mastered. But to create a blog that can get a lot of visitor traffic is another matter. Many stop halfway because never understand how SEO optimization is correct. In fact there were two years of blogging has not been understood well how. So in the second post in this blog I want to share the most basic things, namely how to start a blog correctly .... 
# 1 Select Scene Blog Mastered
Why do I put this on the first sequence of how to start a blog correctly?Because the Internet is a place visited by many people to search for information. Would you like a blog whose content only pleasantries are not qualified with a discussion shallow and unsatisfying what you're looking for? I often find blogs are not qualified as such and immediately shut it down. Is a very bad thing when a visitor to quickly fill the pages of our blog.Why? Because search engines that recommend the blog we will see it as an indicator of low quality blog content. If the major search engines like Google already hates our blog, then do not expect the blog we'll be crowded. To avoid this kind of thing, then we should be able to write articles that are useful for visitors. And to be able to write articles that are helpful, then you have to master the topic of the article.
A common mistake: Blogger beginner about to start a new blog with topics that he feels most profitable and expensive (motivation was to find money) when he has not mastered the subject, nor to master SEO and other things needed. Then become his blog like a baby who entered the gladiatorial arena, was killed before he could cry. Never get in the first 10 pages (100 results) .... blogs indexed course not.
# 2 Domain Gratisan or Paid?
The second thing to consider is to create a free blog or a paid? Why do I put this in a second how to start a blog properly? .... Many cases prove that a paid domain name is easier to master than the keyword domain like free blog. Why is that? It seems like Google tries to serve references from various domains. If an existing blog with domain which occupies the first page, it will usually be very difficult for others to join position themselves on the first page. If you are not quite sure with your SEO optimization capabilities, or you want to join the SEO contest, then I think the opportunities will be better if you use your own domain. So before you start your blog, think about these issues well before already built a reputation for your free subdomain at this time.As you create new information started blogging activities, the cost of premium domain is 100,000 / year for international domains such as .com,. net etc. (note my blog is still in free format because this blog is created with the purpose of testing specific SEO white. I will not describe here)
# 3 Do Keyword Research!
Now that you have determined the theme. But if you want your blog to be found by people through search engines, then you should do keyword research what would you emphasize from the blog. Therefore do three following research:
  1. Any keywords that many people search sekaitan to the theme?
  2. Keywords anything that has a large profit (if you play adsense)?
  3. How is the competition for these keywords? 
Is a fortune if we could find the keywords that many people search but not much competition . Oh yes, you should remember that the keywords that will be researched is a keyword which consists of five words or more. For example "Electronic Instrument Repair Malang". Why should five or more words? Because the 4 words or less the quota reputable website and aged 2-5 years. Unless you want to spend time, money and effort, then go ahead. In the online world is no seniority. So let's learn  how to choose the right keywords . Read also the article Influence of age on the blog ranking in Search Engines like Google .
# 4 Domain Name Style Or Helpful?
Should beware of choosing a domain name. Especially if you've paid for that domain. Why is that? Because domain names can be very helpful blog brothers to fester in the first page of the selected keywords. Do not choose the obscure domain name like just to imitate or Google and Yahoo choose the domain with a trademark reasons and not with the purpose to be easily indexed. So if you choose a domain by reason of "trademark", then the previously prepared first substantial funds to promote your brand. Please do not waste your money on a domain name that does not help at all. For example, if you create a blog of traditional herbs, then as far as possible choose a domain name It would be far more beneficial than using our brand as a domain. Read also the article how to choose the best domain name .
Ok, now you're ready to start a blog recently. Thus the next article is SEO optimization Onpage Mandatory On Blog according to Google .Do not miss because this is very important.
Thanks for visiting the article .... How to Start A Blog With SEO Properly according to Google?

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