Want to Learn SEO gradually? Please read this article and follow the steps carefully optimization. First we first get acquainted with what is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all the effort you can do to make the search engines love blogs that you create.

Just learned that SEO should be gradual, and not haphazard. If haphazard, then you can not see the big picture and confusion for a long time. So if you are a beginner, my suggestion is to do three stages of learning SEO follows:

First: How do I start a blog correctly?

Please click the link above, you will learn about the early stages of starting a blog, namely:
  1. Blog what you should do (assess your interests and talents)?
  2. How to choose the best keywords for your blog by research?
  3. How to choose a blog name or domain name of your blog?
    Link to the article support in the above article page. Please read and be done slowly, if you are a complete novice.

    Second: How to Make Your New Blog Onpage optimization?

    Once your blog is so, then you are many things you need to do in order for Google and other search engines love your blog, some of them:
    1. How to structure a blog template that is SEO friendly ?
    2. How to install the title tag, meta tags, and heading tags to organize how the search engines see your blog?
    3. How to spread the keywords you'd chosen within each page article
    4. How to help Google better index your blog by using the sitemap (site map), Google Webmaster Tools , Google Analytics and Feedburner .
    Link to the article support also in the above article page. Please read and be done slowly, if you are a complete novice.

    Third: How do the optimization Offpage?

    Once your blog is so, and after you create a Google, et al deign to enter your blog into their index. It was time to learn how to make Google, et al pleasing select your blog of the blog billion that is in their index, to be exhibited on the first page SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) according to the keywords you choose. Here you will learn about:
    1. How to get backlinks for your blog looks authoritative
    2. How to get a lot of visitor traffic not only from search engines but also from other sources.
    offpage SEO optimization is a journey that is relentless, because we must always adapt to the changing algorithm (scoring system) robots search engines like Google. So most of the contents of this blog will be to learn about SEO offpage ....

    The third stage of the above is that you must read the article as a beginner.You are also required to read all the links that exist on the page so you have the knowledge gradually correctly. If you've read all the articles above along with supporting links, please read additional articles SEO knowledge.

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