How to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Blogger Blog to New Website

How to Redirect Traffic from Your Old Blogger Blog to New Website:  Normally, it is seen that most of the newbie start his blogging carrier with blogger as it provides so many feature almost at free cost. After setting up a blog, he/she may switch towards the big goal i.e., can make a self hosted blog/website. In this whole journey, one thing is very important and that is traffic to the new site.

Almost all the bloggers wants to redirect traffic from their old blog to the new website or self hosted blog. If you are also looking for the same then just go through this post as I think this post is just for your help.
To redirect traffic from your old blogger blog to new website, you need to follow some of the methods. Moving on, I have mentioned some of the methods that can be use to redirect traffic from old blog to the newer one.
How to Redirect Traffic


Post advertisement on your blog:

This is one of the very simple ways to shout among your visitors and hence informing about the new website. You just need to post a notice board on your blog and it should be posted at the top of the web page or below your menu so that visitors can see your notice without any issue. You can also make the notice board attractive so that it can grab the attention of your visitors.

If you have already got lot of followers and subscribers on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and Google + then you can easily inform your regular visitors about your new site. You just need to post information on the social networks. Recommend your followers to visit your new site.

Make use of your subscribers:

 How you use your subscriber is also a major factor helps in redirecting traffic from your old blog to the newer one. There is a major difference between a Pro blogger and a new blogger. It is seen that new blogger never give so much priority to their subscriber while on the other hand Pro blogger always send and inform their subscribers about the new stuff. You should always remember one thing and that is subscribers are one who comes back to your site so you need to give importance to them. You should always try to inform them about the new stuff and content of your site.

Redirect your old blog to new website:

You can also redirect the visitors of your old blog to the new address simply by putting a simple code in your blogger template. After you insert the code in blogger template, your visitors would be able to visit the original site only for a few seconds and will redirect to the new website.

So these are some of the methods I have from my side. I tried to share most of the points that will helps in redirecting visitors to the new site from the old blogger blog, however if you think that I have missed something or have written anything wrong then always feel free to leave a comment via comment box. 

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