Search Engine Optimizations

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a strategy which is implemented in order to rank and get your site in better position in best search Engine such as Google, yahoo,bing and . Now a day’s SEO become a most complicated game so you have to play it wisely otherwise it will be waste of time. If you implement it properly then your site will be ranked in search engine and Organic traffic will be on your site from search engines.
Search Engine Optimizations & its strategies

SEO Outlines:
  1.       Selecting Hot niches
  2.       Domain Name
  3.       On-Page SEO
  4.     Off-Page SEO
1) Selecting Hot niches
Before to start blogging you must select your niches which you are going to publish on your blog or site. Niches actually are a topic or service which will be published on site in the form of article, videos or images. So you have to choose hot niches in order to rank easily and quickly in search engines.

2) Domain Name
Domain Name plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization. Domain Name is an identity of your blog/website, So purchase a Domain Name related to your niches or topic and it will be pretty good if you have your main keyword in domain name.

3) On-page SEO
On-page SEO basically the layout and quality of your web page and its quality contents.  It implements directly on your website. You have to apply SEO friendly Theme or Template and Publish quality unique and long article which has not copyright issue. In content writing you must adjust your main keywords or sub-keywords in Heading, sub-heading and in title.

4) Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO has three important wings. Off-page SEO is more important than on-page SEO. It useful in quickly ranking blog or site. The following are the main parts of Off-page SEO.

A )  Keyword Research
Keyword Research known as the back bone of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are those words which type in Search engine to get a specific result. So you must perform keywords research Properly.

B) Backlinks
Creating strong Backlinks in same niches site will cause of real traffic to your website. Backlinks explain its meaning itself from the word.  When you leave your website link into another site comment box or in article to redirect to your site is called backlink. So backlink should be created in High page rank in order to get better result.

C) Organic Traffic
Organic traffic on your site will increase your page rank and soon will hit your site on google first pages. So from social sites such as facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn you can get a huge amount of real traffic.

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