Twitter accounts at stake with leakage of 32 million Twitter passwords

Happens to be a major leak till now, Twitter accounts are at stake. Reports claim that around 32 million Twitter accounts have been compromised. The incident and the news comes from a rather odd source that lets you download such data and even lets you remove yourself from the listing for free.
The website that seems to be making the most off it is LeakedSource. The site reported the same in a blog post stating that it received a copy of the leaked data from a user called “,”. Turns out this is the same individual who also hacked data from VK. As of now the data is clearly being traded on the dark web.
Twitter accounts
The same source also claims that till now about 32,888,300 records that contain email addresses, usernames and passwords have been leaked. Users having the same issues can head to the website and simply pull out their name from the listing for free.
The latest news from the Twitter hack points out that LeakedSource was contacted by Twitter immediately and states that the situation is under control.

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