How SEO Ranking 1 With Few Backlink?

This question is actually more frequent in the case of web pages vying keyword competition is low, but the champion 1 on keywords that have little backlinks. Many asked why they could rank?
Actually there are a few things that can make web obstruction despite winning the competition with a little SEO backlinks , but the most influential is the amount of web content that is focused on discussing the issue. This technique can work even for keywords that despite heavy competition. 
Suppose you have a web selling toyota car with only 2000 backlinks linking your page. You still likely to win the competition this very commercial when you can regularly post every day for a year. 
 How SEO Ranking

So Google can give ratings on content bit backlink if the owner of the web quite regularly updated and all updates are relevant to the keywords targeted to heavy competition.1000 article websites that have the same niche and relevant, will be more likely to win the competition than 50 websites that have hundreds of thousands of articles with backlinks. It is important for you to diligently update, and not doing keyword stuffing. Diligently update the blog is the best way to increase the number of repetition of keywords in your website to be significant, without destroying the value of keyword density percentage you, which can make your web hit penalty for keyword stuffing.Further problems keyword density in SEO is described by anti division head of Google's webspam, Matt Cutts below ....

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