30 Best Blogging Sites Platforms for Online Advertising and Business Advertisers

Best Blogging Platforms for advertisers, bloggers, and ad posters, Internet marketers, business owners, sellers, and online services providers

Promote or market your business, product, services on the Internet using these Free Blogging websites

30 Best Blogging Websites where bloggers, content marketers, online advertisers, and SEO personals can promote or market their content effectively. These blog writing sites are free for everyone. Anyone can create a free blog in minutes at them and start posting content.

These blogging sites are popular among Internet marketers and SEO consultants for blog posting . 

Visit the Press Release Websites and do publish a press release about your online or offline business to increase your online visibility.

Use can them for various reasons, like online advertising, business service promotions, content marketing, lead generation, quality backlink buildingreferral traffic generation,adverts posting, etc. 

Free Blogging Sites where you can create unlimited blogs for your web promotion and referral traffic

If you are blogging to promote your small business over the Internet using free search engine marketing, then these top blogging platform sites are great places to Submit your business free

These platforms work as best websites for business promotion, Search Engine Marketing, and for improving free Search Engine Traffic.  

Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business
Best Blogging sites and Platforms for business

Use these blogging platforms or CMS and create free blog posts to list your business, or make a portfolio, or advertise your products. No need of any domain name or web hosting .

How to get started? 

Just visit the below listed Blogging sites and create free blogs in minutes. It's all free! Then update and decorate your blog with all the necessary widgets, links, and plugins.
For an example, you create 5 different blogs on 5 platforms then you will have 5 dedicated source of referral traffic to your main blog or site.

In this way you not only increase the traffic to your main site but also the SEO value as well!
You can link back to your original web content from these blogs and get free high authority and high quality backlinks as well. But, don't use too many links from there otherwise it may seem to be a ranking manipulation or unnecessary link churning.

Create a new blog and then adding content is really very easy at these blogging platforms as they offer very simple and user friendly CMS. Learn how to create SEO friendly blog posts .

And don't forget to use a ranking analysis and optimization software for your original blog. You can find one such popular software for SEO and Blog ranking here .

Create your website or blog for free using any of these 30 best blogging sites for online advertising and search engine marketing for your small business

https://www.blogger.com/  9
http://wordpress.com/  9
http://www.weebly.com/  8
https://myspace.com/  8
http://www.livejournal.com 8
http://boingboing.net/  8
http://bravenet.com/  7
http://www.webs.com/  7
http://angelfire.lycos.com/  7
10 http://www.idealab.com/  7
11 Squarespace 7
12 Edublogs  7

Essential of evaluating your Link Building Strategies ]

13 http://thefreesite.com/  7
14 https://www.tumblr.com/  6
15 http://open.salon.com/  6
16 http://twoday.net/  6
17 http://blogowogo.com/  6

How SEO Ranking 1 With Few Backlink? ]

18 http://weblogs.us/  6
19 http://www.vox.com/  6
20 http://www.blogher.com/  6
21  http://blog.com/  6
22  http://blogs.botw.org/  6
23  http://blog.co.uk/  6
24  http://freevlog.org/  5
25  http://www.bloghub.com/  5
26  http://portal.eatonweb.com/  5
27  http://www.blogsearchengine.com/  5
28  http://diaryland.com/  5
29  http://9rules.com/  5
30  http://blogdrive.com/  5

Search Engine Advertising and Marketing for business Post free business ads on blogs using these 30 free blog sites. Blogging sites are very good for making business portfolio and sales pages free on the Internet. Content Advertising and Internet search engine marketing for business or products using free Blogging CMS sites for anywhere in the World. 

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