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Everyone has long known that the Internet can earn real money. And experience shows that the best solution is to create your own website.But ordinary users is quite difficult to imagine  d, lastan but  how to create a website from scratch, and that in the future he would bring a good income. Let's try to figure it out as much as possible. create a website, build a website
Choice of themes create a website, build a website
Perhaps the most important factor in creating a website is a topic (the content i least, demand for the company  the future) that will be on your site. Subjects have to be interesting to you personally, Because otherwise, your site will not last long afloat, either because you yourself get bored watching and boring affair, or else to your site simply will not go. There are also important high uniqueness of the text, as any plagiarism is strictly punished permanent ban. create a website, build a website
Where to start? create a website, build a website
How to create a website from scratch
This question in the first place interested in almost all users who had a great desire to have their own web page. But a clear answer nobody will give you, because everyone has their own strategy for the opening of this site.Ideal - when you're doing exclusively by themselves, without the help of experts in this field. However, this is rarely the case, since you need to know at least the basic programming language, be able to write unique text, perform a beautiful design and, of course, to optimize your site and promote it. create a website, build a website
Books or articles on the Internet create a website, build a website
A great opportunity to learn how to build your website step by step and qualitatively. The advantages include the possibility of re-reading books or articles on the Internet as many times as you like.
However, there are disadvantages. In the case of a book, to understand all the aspects and nuances of site building - you need to stock up on a remarkable patience. Most likely you have it will take quite a long time, and you can not specify the unclear point, if any.In addition, not all people are willing to do anything to read, that is simply do not like to do it. Digging on the internet, too, sooner or later get tired, so this method of obtaining the necessary information is quite doubtful. create a website, build a website
Trainings create a website, build a website
You can sign up for various online conferences that deal with your question, or else undergo special training on this subject. On the one hand, they provide high performance in just a few hours of study, and on the other - not everyone will find the right amount, as for it take a lot of money.In addition, if for the entire course, you still do not understand how to create a website from scratch, you will simply lose your money can not be recovered. Of course, if hard to outline the knowledge and to listen carefully to your mentor, you will achieve good results. But, as you've probably guessed, there are other ways, implying free acquisition of knowledge and in the quickest time possible. create a website, build a website
Other ways to create a website, build a website
Yes, it is quite possible, if you personally know people who know at a professional level in the creation of the site and have a good relationship with this person. If these do not exist, I will try to briefly describe the essence and lead step by step instructions.In fact, in the creation of a web page is easy. If you registered with any social networks, then you do not need to worry. Simply sign up for any hosting (template) and do regular updating it.It would be better if the hosting will be paid, as it come more visitors. However, now is not it. These templates on the Internet a great multitude, which you can find in any search engine. That's basically all your initial website is ready.It remains only to fill it with relevant content and optimize, as it is unlikely your goal was just stupid to learn how to build a website from scratch and shout three times, "Hurrah!" (On a boring design you need to write something about yourself, in order to evaluate your site from visitors who initially will be your friends and acquaintances. If you have the talent of writing articles, then you are very lucky, you will not have to hire copywriters or re writer .In fact, there is not much knowledge needed, it is only necessary to competently express their thoughts in writing. In the end, the person who has decided to create a site is unlikely to be intellectually primitive and mean. But with the web design will have to sweat, and it is better to hire a specialist web designers who will do the job efficiently and quickly.Yes, it does require some financial investment, but with the successful creation and optimizing your site, you should definitely it will pay off. And finally, the most important part - to promote your site and make it accessible to search engines. Delve into this topic, we will not, as this is the hardest part, without which the very creation of a site from scratch does not make any sense. create a website, build a website
conclusion As I promised, I will give step by step instructions on Web design from start to finish, which we sum up in this article. So there you go. create a website, build a website
  • Come up with a theme of interest to you and demanded to society
  • Choosing a domain name and reliable hosting
  • We fill site information (content) create a website, build a website
  • Do not forget to keep it updated
  • Hire a web designer or learn it yourself create a website, build a website
  • Getting to the optimization and promotion of your site
  • We are waiting for the guests and get a decent profit, and the mood
That is, in principle, that's all. If you have the desire and perseverance, about six months your site will become very popular in the world wide web, and most importantly - demand for your guests (which is quite a lot) and bringing a good profit. create a website, build a website

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