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In the process of learning SEO you do, of course you need to know some of the tools that can help you to get the best optimization for your website. We can be sure 100% you will need this free equipment.
So we just see what basic tools that you can use for free on the internet in the process of SEO optimization of your website.

If your aim to do the optimization of search engine Google, then surely you need to connect your site with Google Webmaster Tools. You need to learn how to connect your site with Google Webmaster Tools. For users of blogspot (or blogspot are turning to TLD, you have no need to register your blog, because it is automatically connected when you log into your blog account, you can visit Google webmaster tools page at https: // www.Google .com / webmasters / tools / If you know how to use Google's Webmaster tools, you will be able to monitor a lot of things from the development of your website. Call it a few important things below: 
Website Optimization

  • The development of your keyword position
  • Added keyword variations
  • Error in HTML
  • Message if there is a penalty
  • Error in Crawl (such as missing page 404)
  • Fetch as Google to see if your web pages can be crawled by Google
  • Entering sitemap to help speed up indexing
  • The number of backlinks, and
  • The selection of the search area, etc.
So start your website optimization by linking your website with Google Webmaster Tools. For a full guide you can googling HOW TO USE GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS, because new article on this blog will be updated.

Pagespeed INSIGHT

It is a tool provided by Google to help you see if you have a web page loading speed is good. There was a big influence on the speed of loading web pages SEO you. Google implements a time limit for the crawl, so if your web page is too heavy, then your web page will not be crawled or not crawled overall (only partially) So please visit pagespeed insight in speed / pagespeed / insights / Simply enter the URL of the page you want to check and press enter, then Google will check the loading speed of your web pages. There will be input from Google to increase the load speed of your web pages. Surely this is in English, so if you do not understand the English language, then you can ask for help are capable of. But before you can make your own judgment whether it was needed or not. You can try to open a web page of your own, and if you are quite satisfied with the speed, then let it be .... As long as they can crawl very well, then you will not get any problem.


There is now more than half of searches done using mobile devices. You can lose a lot of search results if your website is not mobile friendly. Why did it happen? Because Google will forward the friendly car websites to search from mobile gadgets. If your gadget is not mobile friendly, then your ranking will drop in mobile search. To use SEO tool and check if your site is mobile-friendly that you can access in Just enter your URL and let this tool to check a few moments. If your website is not mobile friendly, you can fix it, or change the theme that is mobile friendly, or ask for help to edit the theme of your website.


This is a browser addons for firefox and chrome that can help you to analyze the onpage very quickly. You can use the analysis to look at the title, meta description, headings, and many more. This tool also provides corrective feedback that you can use to improve your web page. SEOQuake provide very many parameters that you can choose to see the growth of your website. You can do the Googling for SEOQuake FIREFOX or CHROME SEOQuake to install this addons to your website. Or you can also Googling How to Use SEOQuake LATEST, because this article on my blog has not been updated, and SEOQuake today have been many changes.


If you are confused to find a wide variety of keywords for your article, then ubersuggest can help you get a variant of keywords that you can consider.Ubersuggest SEO tool whose use is very simple. You simply enter a keyword or short your niche, and then select the language or country, and this tool will do a search to give you an idea as many keywords as possiblePlease visit ubersuggest in


To use this tool you must be logged into your Google account. Inside there is a choice adwords tools and in such tools exist KEYWORD PLANNER.This is a SEO tool that you can use to assess the potential traffic you can get. This is one tool that is essential if you want to measure how big your market potential of a keyword To understand more about keyword planner you can read the article HOW TO RESEARCH KEYWORDS.


If you use the keyword planner, then you will get keyword searches that have relatively stable over time. But there are some people who want to know what are the keywords that are the trend and become viral today. To know that you have to use Google Trends. When you're signed into Google Trends you'll instantly see what topics are busy at the moment. You can also enter a niche and do a search, and after that you can select the country of your optimization purposes. This is a very important tool for those who make the news website.


It is a tool for backlink. Using this tool, you can relatively quickly know the growth of your backlinks and also the distribution of key words. This tool provides nearly all of the information you need such as number of pages, number of domains, the percentage DoFollow and nofollow, distribution of keywords, and also lost and found backlink. To use this tool you must create an account sebuat in ---- -------------------------------------------------- - Tools free those on basically enough for those who want to develop a website properly. I build about 10 websites (other than the blog has been pretty neglected) and all master nichenya each only with simple tools on top ..... Of course the problem is how to use the tools in the upper right. You can googling for a while first, because the article updates of new tools above will be made. 

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