Prisma App Download: Turn Boring Photos into Striking Painting

After Pokemon Go, Prisma App is trending these days. People are madly in love with this amazing app. Prisma App is a mobile based application for iOS which converts any boring photo into a Striking photo. If you are searching for the link to Download Prisma app then you will get Prisma app download link in this post.

This post reveals all the facts, functions, and features of Prisma App.
For now, Prisma is available only for iPhone, iPad (iOS) users but it is being said that it is coming soon (by the End of this Month) for Android platform. If you want to download Prisma app for Android then you will have to wait for some time. Once Prisma APK is launched, we will update the link in this post.

What is Prisma App?

This is the app which has made Instagram filters boring. Prisma App uses artificial intelligence to convert normal photos into amazing painting and makes feel such that they belong to an art gallery.

Here are some Images which have been converted by Prisma App.

Image Source:

Prisma App Convert boring photos into interesting

Image 2

Prisma App download on iOS

Download Prisma App

If you want to download Prisma app to change your boring photos into interesting ones then here are the download links:

Download Prisma App on iTunes (Live)
Download Prisma App on Android (Coming soon)

About Prisma App and its Compatibility

For now, it is available only for iOS users. Here are the Compatibility details of this app.

Size: 15.8 MB
Version: 2.1
Languages: English, Russian
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Users Reviews:

Users review about Prisma App are really good. It has got lots of downloads just within a week. But at the same time, Android users are feeling sad. According to reports, Android market is larger than the iOS market. That is why the company has announced that Prisma App for Android is going to launch in Android market (Play store) almost by the end of this month July.

After the launch of this app on Android platform, this app will surely create some records like Pokemon Go. We all know that how Android users are waiting eagerly for Prisma App.

I know some people who have just bought new iPhones just to experience this amazing app.

Prisma App is the best art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram. It is performing well in converting boring photos into striking paintings with the use of artificial intelligence.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. After reading this review of Prisma App, don't forget to share your comments and views using the comment box.

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