Grammarly vs Whitesmoke [Detailed Comparison] - Which one is Better?

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke

There are many people out there who use different tools online. Being an online person, one can use any tool which he like. Some tools are good whereas some are not. So before purchasing or using any tool, people want to find the reviews about any tool. Here the role of blogger comes into the picture. Blogger can write the perfect review on any tool because he uses those tools in and out. The reviews which blogger writes will read by people out there and based on the reviews people decide to buy the product. So as a blogger today I am going to give you the perfect comparison between two BIG products which will help you to improve your writing skill. In this post, I am going to Compare Grammarly and Whitesmoke tool. So keep reading this post on Grammarly Versus Whitesmoke. I am the regular user of Grammarly tool to improve my English and writing skill. But to write this review, I have spent a good amount of time on Whitesmoke too. So that I can tell you exactly about which tool to use and which not to.

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke: Grammarly Tool

Grammarly is the best software to improve your writing. If you are working in the professional world then with the help of this software, you can drastically change your English writing. There are some common functionalities which should be there in any language software. With all the common functionalities, Grammarly is having some more advanced functionality which will help you to improve writing skill. I am using Grammarly since 2 years. I have used all the functionalities of it. Here I am going to list some of the functionalities of Grammarly:

1. Different Writing Styles: As we know that the writing style of Medical student will be different from writing style of an engineering student and Writing style of Engineer will be different from any general person. So In Grammarly, you can set your style of writing as per your requirement. It will allow you to write in any style so that you don’t need to write in just one style only. In Grammarly, you can easily change your profile for writing. It supports writing style like creative, technical, student, medical etc.

2. Enhancement in Vocabulary: This is the must have function of any writing software. Grammarly does this job pretty good. Grammarly scans the whole article to find out the repeated words. Once it finds the repeated words, it will suggest you the alternatives for those words. So with the help of Grammarly, you can enhance your vocabulary. No one wants to read the same words again and again. With the help of this awesome tool, you can easily use alternatives which will improve the writing of yours. There is one option in the left-hand sidebar to enable vocabulary enhancement option. If you want suggestions then you can enable it and see the difference in your writing.

3. Plagiarism Checker: No one like the copied content. Grammarly will help you to save yourself from such content. If you are a content writer then you can check your content via this tool. This tool will tell you whether your content is copied or not. So you can give original content to your clients. Even if you are client then you need to make sure that your content writer is giving the original content. So to cross check the things you will need this tool. This tool will search the entire web to find out the plagiarism and if there is any plagiarised content is present in the article then it will let you know.

4. Free and Paid Versions: This is the best thing about Grammarly. There are two versions of Grammarly are available. One is Free and the other is paid. There is lots of functionality in the Free version of the Grammarly. One can first use the free version to test the Grammarly and then he can switch to the paid version for more functions. The free version is also enough for beginners. For simple usage of Grammarly, Free version is fine. But if you want to get most out of Grammarly then you should go for the premium version of Grammarly.

5. Browser Extension: This is the best feature which is available with Grammarly. You can correct your grammar in the browser also with the help of Grammarly Brower extension. Whenever it finds the text box, Extension will start working. So if you are writing Facebook status or Mail in Gmail then also it will start giving the error so that you can correct it. This is the very fast way to correct your errors while writing which is only possible with the help of Grammarly.

6. MS Word integration: This is the most astonishing feature of Grammarly. You can integrate Grammarly with your word document. If you do so then you don’t need to open your browser and check the error. It will show you the error when you are writing in the Word itself. So with this method, you can save lots of time in proofreading your article. There are many writer and bloggers who use this type of integration of Grammarly with MS word.

So here is the Screenshot of the Grammarly software. As you can see, Grammarly will show the error and different points for your article. Once you enter your article in the editor of Grammarly, it will allow you to proofread it. It will suggest you the alternative words for repeated words. This all happens automatically so that you can save a lot of time. You can even download the report of your writing and then send to your client for analysis.

Grammarly vs Whitesmoke

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke: WhiteSmoke Software

Whitesmoke is another Grammar checker tool which is used by many writers. The best thing about Whitesmoke is that you can use it on any device you want. You can use it on mobile or laptop. You just need internet connectivity to use the function of this software. WhiteSmoke offers translation in 45 different languages. It is very quick, easy and user-friendly software to improve writing. The best part about it is that it provides alters for repeated words and templates to start letter writing. So let me show you some of the features of Whitesmoke:

1. The writer of Whitesmoke: This is the best editor in Whitesmoke. This is having highly improved the algorithm to detect your errors. There are some statistical data which will also play an important part while guessing the error. It can work with any platform like mobile, tablet or laptop.

2. Available Everywhere: This is the best thing about Whitesmoke. It is available on any platform. You just need to integrate Whitesmoke where you want to use it. You can integrate it in mobile, tablet or laptop. You must have an internet connection to use it.

3. Whitesmoke KIBO: There are many people who still using mobile for blogging. Mobile enables the feature of auto-correcting but with this feature we made many mistakes unintentionally. To avoid these mistakes, WhiteSmoke provides the android keyboard in mobile which will allow you to correct your English and writing from mobile also.

4. Plagiarism Checker: As I said earlier, no one likes plagiarised content. WhiteSmoke will also let you detect plagiarism in the content so that you can remove it and improve the quality of the article. There is robust algorithm which works behind this feature.

5. Whitesmoke Translator: Sometimes we want our article in different languages. Here WhiteSmoke will help you with its translator feature. It will allow you to translate your writing in many 45 languages. So you just need to translate your article in the language you want.

Grammarly vs. whitesmoke comparison

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke:Comparison of both the tool

Advantages of Grammarly Over WhitesmokeAdvantages of Whitesmoke Over Grammarly
Grammarly comes with Brower Extension so we can use it very easily.It Provides Translator in 45 different languages.
We can integrate Grammarly with MS Word also.It has many tutorials which you can utilize to improve your English.
With MS Word, we just need to have an internet connection. We don’t need to open Browser.It is working on many different powerful algorithms.
Plagiarism detection is provided in it.It can be used on any device.

Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke:
My Recommendation

After testing both the tools, I found that both are really great. I cannot recommend any single tool to you. But still, I found Grammarly as a good tool when we compare both the tools. Because in Grammarly, we can switch to different writing styles. So Grammarly is useful for any kind of person. Moreover in Grammarly, we can turn or/off some features if we don’t need it. White smoke is also a great tool if you want device independency. If you are having an addiction of mobile or tablet and if you want to work on such devices then you should go with Whitesmoke tool for grammar correction.

If I am asked to give rating then I would give:

Grammarly: 9/10
WhiteSmoke: 8/10

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