3 Alternatives to Google Maps in Pakistan

Google Maps is one of the most popular maps and navigation services available worldwide. It is one of the most widely used apps on mobile with over 1 billion downloads.

However, there are tons of other map applications on the Play Store and Google Maps might not suit everyone’s needs.

If you want to escape Google’s clutches or are looking for something different and unique, we have compiled this list with the best alternatives to Google Maps that you can use:

1. Waze

Waze is a community-driven traffic and navigation app. It provides you with real-time traffic updates and road conditions.

All the data is reported through the user’s phone. It also reports on police traps, weather conditions, accidents, blocked roads etc.

google map

In Pakistan however, navigation is available but the community reports such as those mentioned above aren’t available because of the lack of Waze users locally.

Waze was acquired by Google back in 2013 but the actual service is still available separately. It is definitely not as feature rich as Google Maps but the community experience definitely makes it worthwhile. Try it out if you’re in the mood for something different.

2. HERE WeGo

You might have heard of HERE Maps. HERE Maps used to come bundled with Nokia phones but were the only source of navigation on them.

Since then, they have been ported over Android and have remained as one of the popular map and navigation apps.

Recently, its name was changed to HERE WeGO. HERE maps provides a clean and easy to use interface. You have POIs, satellite view and navigation.

It is definitely not as feature rich as Google Maps but the maps are updated on a regular basis and new places are added too. You can also save places for quick directions later such as your home or your work place.

3. Sygic

Sygic offers one of the best maps in Pakistan. At the time of signing up, you get an option for whether you want to use Sygic without a membership or buy one.

You get a 7-day trial at the beginning, which expires after a preset time if you don’t buy the full version.

It detects your country automatically and starts downloading maps for it. This gives you the benefit of offline navigation, a feature not found in most other map apps.

The downloaded maps are kept up-to-date. In addition to maps, Sygic also packs a DashCam, HUD and a Travel Book (your travel log).

Sygic offers all of the essential features and more and is definitely a complete package and is worth checking out.

So there you have it folks. What are you using for navigating the Pakistani streets, roads and alleyways? Do you have some other Google Maps alternatives for your location needs? Let us and our readers know more in the comments below.

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