Simple Guess Number Game : Java Program Code To Guess The Secret Or Random Number

Guess Number is a game in which user needs to guess the number between 1 and 52 (hardcoded)  if you want you can make changes into the code
Its a fun game check it out once
java computer programming
The game is computer randomly selects the SECRET number with in the defined range of numbers , here 1 to 52 , and prompts the user to guess the number .
In this program we ask the user to enter any number between 1 to 52 . So user puts up any random number with in the defined range.
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If the user number is same as the SECRET number then the game stops ,otherwise,
If the user number is lesser than the SECRET number then ,
It will change the range of the number ,  that is now user has to select a number between  user input number to 52 .
If the user input is greater than the SECRET number then ,
the range of the numbers to select an input from for user will be 1 to   user input .
java computer programming
The game continues till the user guesses the correct number .
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Here we make sure that the game starts again once it is finished . You can also make it a automated program , that is computer will set the SECRET number and then computer only will try to find it . For that you just need to use random method again and compare it with the target or secret number .

for example  :
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Suppose computer selects 10 as the secret number

so , user try to guess the secret number between 1 to 52 , let suppose he chooses 38 which is greater than the secret number than the computer prompts user to guess the number from the range 1 to 37

instead if user inputs here 5 in first attempt , then the range would become 6 to 52 .

And in the same way the game continues to be played and the range to select the number keeps on decreasing . There is no limit set to define a select number of attempts to the  user .

Pseudo code :
what to program in java
1. Computer randomly selects one secret number ,prompts user to guess it correctly in minimum number of  
  attempts with in defined range here 1 to 52
2. User inputs any number with in defined range
3. If
       input number is greater than the secret number than range reduces to 1 to INPUT NUMBER
       range reduces to INPUT NUMBER to 52
4. Repeat  steps from 2 again

Demo :

guess number game java program code

Code :

import java.util.Scanner;

/****************************************************** /
** Program:**
** Author:  Sonia Rizvi**
** Date:    17 June 2016
public class CardsGame {
    * @param args
    static int low=1,high=52;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    public static void gameBegins()
        int target=0;
        double i =Math.random();
        if(i != 0)
        target= (int) (i*53);
            System.out.println("Please enter a valid number");
        System.out.println("NEW GAME ");
        System.out.println("pick a number between 1-52! ");
            int input=userInput();
            predictionResult(input, target);
    public static int userInput()
        Scanner in = new Scanner(;
        int s= in.nextInt();
        System.out.println("user guesses "+s);
        return s;
    public static void predictionResult(int input , int target)
        if(input < target)
            System.out.println(" Sorry,that is too low ");
            System.out.println("pick a number between "+low +"-"+high);
        else if(input &gt; target)
            System.out.println(" Sorry,that number is  too high ");
            System.out.println("pick a number between "+low +"-"+high);
        else if(input==target)
            System.out.println("That is correct !");
    public static void playAgain()

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